But… what does Sexology mean?


About men and women

It is common to talk about what people do for a living. When I say I am a psychologist and a sexologist some laugh shyly and others stare puzzled. The reason is because people confuse sex with sexual relationships. But sexology is not only about people’s sexual affairs.

Sexology is a word formed by: “sex” and “logy”. “Sex” comes from the Latin “sexus”, which at the beginning meant “to separate”. So, when we talk about sex we are actually talking about the people’s separation in two teams: men and women. And “logy” which means “study of”

Therefore, sexology refers to the two ways of being in the world: as a men or as a women (but I have to say that there are lots of ways to be a men and a women) and everything related with that:

  • The sex drive
  • The identity
  • The bodies
  • The relationships
  • The sexual orientation
  • The couple
  • The masturbation,
  • The fantasies
  • The communication
  • The breeding
  • The prevention

Furthermore, sexologists also pay attention to other issues which are closely related: the self-esteem, the emotions, the fears, the shame, the education, the personal preference… Briefly, sexology is about people.



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