What are the erogenous zones of women and men? Let’s talk about the femenine and masculine pleasure parts

First step to enjoy the body is knowing what to touch and, although many people will be surprised, the largest sexual organ of the body is the same for both men and women. That organ is the skin.


The skin is the largest member of the human body and has inside it many sensory receptors that react to pain, pleasure, cold, heat, pressure and all that relates to the touch.

All these sensory receptors transmitted to the brain which  is responsible for interpreting them as more or less pleasurable.

We are very fortunate to have the whole body covered with skin, so there is no excuse for having a monotonous relationship focused only on the genitals. The range is wide because the whole body is included.

Next thing you should know is how to touch the skin. There are many ways to do it:  gently, with a good massage, using oils, with another part of the body instead the hands…

And if we join what you touch and how touch it, we get this box plenty of possibilities. Also, if you combine it, you will get a lot of choices to play alone or with your couple.




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