Diversity and Family

We are in a Spanish school secretary. We are at the beginning of July and the enrollment of students for the next year is being formalized.  The registration forms have been posted on the internet in order to be completed by the families.  The required data, among other, are the following:


The secretary suddenly realizes that it’s 9.00 and there is a queue longer than usual, so it’s time to attend the people’s demands:

The first one.
I am here because in the internet application it is written Mother and father. I am divorced and we don’t have the joint custody, but I have the legal custody of my daughter and son, I bring a copy of the court judgment. I do not want any other name or data but mine. All the communications from the school have to be exclusively addressed to me and my children won’t be picked up or visited by someone other than myself. Please, could you delete where it says “father”?

The second one.
Good morning, my name is Susan and this is Mary. We are partners for seven years now. We also have a copy of our marriage certificate attached to the documentation required. I have a little girl who is my daughter and I want her to enroll in this center. So, I want two names in the box which contains the word MOTHER; Susan and Mary.

The third one.
Good morning, my name is John and I would like you to write “couple” where it is written “Mother”. If you have a minute I will tell you briefly why I prefer “couple”. I was married to my ex-wife, Zara. I did not want children, but she insisted and got pregnant four years ago. That was the beginning of the end of our relationship. We parted friendly and we have no problems living alternatively with our son. However I’ve redone my life with another person. And my ex-wife, affected by the crisis, was fired and now just got a good job in Norway, so she left last week and I have agreed that I will take care, at least for the next year, of our son. By the way, my partner is also called Juan. What a coincidence! Do not you think so? I think that is the target.

The last ones:
Behind the counter you can see a couple older than usual. She pushes a pram where a child is sitting. He carries a handled registration form.

Good morning, we are here because we have been indicated by the city hall that this is the place where we have to bring the child next September. They have helped us to fill the form but no one knew what to write in the gap of “father and mother “. You see, the point is that the child is my grandson. He is the son of my little boy. He always was the craziest of the family. He had a girlfriend, who got pregnant, but they were 18 and they weren’t mature enough. So two weeks after the baby was born, my little son left and we have not heard anything more from them. We are actually their grandparents, well, I’m not sure, but my wife says the baby looks like me…The fact is “what should I put where it says father and mother?”



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