And you … would you look?


This time I wanted to just think about human curiosity and the media. They may seem an odd couple but almost without realizing it, the two are closely related.

Curiosity is a quality that makes us more observant and intelligent beings, but at the same time, we become seekers of mordbidness and other’s private stories, even invading intimacies that are not our own.

The fact that people have been curious has brought great advances without which today would be difficult to live: drugs that seem miraculous, therapies that improve mental health, wonderful books, theories revealing truths…

But on the other hand, there is a curiosity with a different meaning (neither better nor worse), just different. I am talking about what we known as gossiping.

Nowadays there are a lot of reality shows on tv that satisfy our gossipy curiosity. These have many detractors as followers. The truth is that leave no one indifferent. People who follow them do it for some reasons: fun, entertainment, and others confess that helps them to be isolated from the world where they live, their worries and concerns. They find the calm that the real world does not provide them.

This thought took far more sense when watching the first chapter of a current serial: “One morning the Prime Minister from what seems the UK is awakened by his security officials because the people’s princess has been kidnapped. He, very confident and calm, asked what the raptor want this time: money, public schools, parks … but there’s nothing like that. What the kidnapper wants is that him has sex with a pig on a particular day and time to be broadcast live to all citizens. Otherwise the princess will be killed. As expected, the news spread it like wildfire on the Internet and all citizens are aware of the request from the kidnapper. Everyone thinks it is gross, disgusting, obscene … but when it comes time everyone is staring at the TV … “And you … would you look?




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